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Genre: Young Adult

F-Cover OBOE

To stop a plot by a species of aliens seeking to engage in an intergalactic war versus humans on Earth, twin brothers Draymond and Raymond must help their new Zuruevian friend.


The First Book produced by Rhoan Flowers' Books. A lovely collage of poetry by Mr. Alban Olive. Books available wherever books are sold.
Alban Book Front Cover3

Book Description: Fiction/DRAMA

(Book File 9) Cast a Grudge

When Celine's ex-boyfriend killed her fiancé, she was forced to relocate back to the town she ran away from as a teenager. The family secret that led to the killing of her fiancé, now threatens to not only destroy her life, but the entire town.

This is the story of Robin Walker, who became a leading activist in the war against Racism, when she and her boyfriend avenged the slaying of their loved ones, who were killed during a brutal church massacre.

Book Description: WESTERN/Fiction

Black Cherokee Front Cover

A wealthy businessman killed two Indian braves and stole the prize stallion they had caught. When the tribe learnt of the killings they went on the warpath to eradicate all Caucasians from their lands. To put a stop to the Indians' revolt, the president dispatched the U.S Cavalry which killed many braves and decimated their home. The businessman would later use his cunning to unseat the elected mayor and become the new mayor of his town. The only opposition to the mayor was the beloved sheriff, therefore he arranged for his gun hands to kill the lawman. With the sheriff dead, the mayor elected his personal candidate to the office, which then gave him control over the entire territory. One of the two warriors who the businessman murdered, had a son who grew up and killed the mayor's only son in a dispute. To achieve his revenge, the mayor arranged for his gun hands to mimic the warring Indians, therefore they went around the outlands and killed several settlers. When news reached the presiding president, he quickly dispatched the U.S Cavalry to deal with the Indians. Fearing they would be exterminated the young braves stole the cavalrymen's horses, in order for their people to travel the long journey to the U.S border. To obtain replacement horses, the cavalry commander went to the mayor who was the only man in the territory with such a large herd. With an army battalion and a gang of bigot cowboys chasing them to exterminate them, the Indians must cross the border into the neighboring country to survive.

This book was dedicated to the African American Indians...

Book Description: Children's Tale

This was the first children's book co-authored by my twin sons Rhovon and Jahvon, who both drew all the pictures associated with the book.


After a Blue Jay Bird searched and found her ideal home, she moved in, build her nest, and laid her eggs. A few days later the squirrel who lived in the tree returned home and was unhappy to find she had a new neighbor. The Squirrel asked the Blue Jay to leave or she would evict her from her tree. The Blue Jay and the Squirrel must learn to either become neighbors or someone must relocate.

Book Description: Fiction/Action

(Book File 1) Informer 1

The First Edition in this Biker/Gangster/Rude-Boy story.

Warning Adult Content, Profanity and Sexual Contents.

Ghetto youths like Killa and Stamma only knew of the pistol as their means to survive. After they robbed an American drug trafficker, the earnings proved fatal for Stamma, who was gunned down by police during a community invasion. To abstain from the same outcome, Killa arranged to flee the island and flew to another tropical island. When Nickalus was forced to flee from the U.S while being sought by the Feds, his boss sent him to Canada for him to build a new life. Nickalus was sent to lay low and reside with a family of Mohawk Indians, who were expected to gradually integrate him into the society. Instead of an open free underground market in Montreal, the rude-boy learnt that every hustler must acquire their products through one biker gang. The Rough Rider Biker Crew was an organization that was governed by a cult of billionaires, who used their services, to control the underground illegal markets, eliminate their oppositions, intimidate law officials, scare government officials, elect their representatives into offices and run the city. As someone who imported his own products, the rude-boy was not about to concede to the laws of the land, therefore BULLETS were all that was left to be said. 

Book Description: Fiction/Religious Sci-Fi


(Book File 2) Yahweh new

Nobody on Earth ever thought we would experience this day, when the Lord our God returned to reclaim this planet. When Symbols appeared across the skies over the globe, everyone understood the meanings regardless of their education or capability. Scientists uncovered a gigantic asteroid that was on a collision course with Earth and speculated that the symbols meant our impending destruction. With such a global catastrophe ensuing, all governments regardless of their past dealings united to deal with the threat. Knowing his days of ruling mankind may be over, Lucifer unleashed the demons from his dungeons onto the Earth's surface, to snatch as many souls as possible. The Serpent has been preparing his human worshipers for God's return day, since he was hurled down to this planet, therefore across the globe his governments and followers prepared for war. It was finally determined that humans greatest means of survival would be if we launched specially designed Atomic Bombs at the approaching Asteroid, to either destroy it or blew it off its direct course with our planet. With all the developments, humans flocked to every form of religious structure to repent their sins, while others simply partied away their last days. The approaching Asteroid which was travelling faster than Mock Speed, suddenly slowed down as it approached our planet, yet Lucifer's worshipers fired the rockets at the planet. The Universal God was forced to use his powers to contain the bombs and their destructive force, in order to shield Heaven from the threats of his creations. Before the Almighty God descended his heavenly army onto the planet's surface, he began ushering plagues for their disobedience and disrespect. With his army ready to battle Lucifer's worshipers, the Lord and his governing body watched on as they reclaimed Planet Earth. 

Book Description: Fiction/ Action/Horror


Voodoo or Obeah Religion was first practiced by Africans and brought to the Caribbean, where the satanic worship has led to the end of slavery on such island like Haiti. Slave masters developed feared for their slaves who practiced such forms of devotion, to the extent where they fled from the country to never return. The religion was transported across the West Indies and inspired this story of an Obeah Queen and her anointed heir, who was smuggled abroad to save her from achieving her birthright. However, to prolong the duties of her family, the queen organized some of her devoted clients to travel abroad and return her successor. Once the heir to her throne got returned to the island, the Obeah Queen decided against permitting her reign, and implemented a plan to continue her personal reign.

Book Description: Children's Book

Number two Kid's book, co-authored by Jahvon and Rhovon, who both drew all the pictures to support the story.

FRONT Volcano King-page-0

To return to the island from which he was exiled, a wizard would enslave the other creatures and use them to build his war machine. A group of captured locals escaped from the wizard's camp and tried to warn their people of the impending danger. But, when they were unable to reach their destination, they came across the king of the island. To save themselves and their island the king gave them one option, which was not agreed upon. Therefore, the island and its creatures must be destroyed. 

Book Description: Fiction/Action

Informer 2

Informer 2... The madness continues when the boss is removed from the equation, his next in command battle over who should take his place. When his son is kidnapped  by an unknown entity, only a genuine friend would search the ends of the world to find and return the young general. The Mohawk Indians in their fight to get the Canadian Government to adhere to the promises made, must take drastic measures by interrupting the flow of goods through their lands, in order to get the government representatives back to the discussion table. Whenever money and power were to be gained, loyalty by those closest has always been mankind's downfall.

Book Description: Fiction/Action

Informer 3 BNE

Informer 3... When the empire crashed and there were no one else to turn to for help, the true and loyal comrades were the only ones there. Kevin found himself in the clutches of his enemies after he tried to rescue his son. With his nephew gone and no one else to expect help from, only those who would truly surrender their lives for him went to his rescue. While on the run Kane uncovered on of the biggest tragedies against his people, who have gone missing throughout the years. Attempts to bring the truth to light could take his life, yet the Warrior Indian would always gladly get killed for his people.