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Different Type A Chat
Dating In A Computerized World

According to one of my younger female cousins, trying to find a male companion now a days is a back breaking procedure. "All these guys want to do is come over and chill," were her exact words! Obviously I had to point out that with Covid-19 lockdowns over the past few months, guys were more eager to get in those panties, after starving for sex throughout the lockups. Growing up young men would often get nervous to speak with a female they admired and wanted, today they look over females' portfolios on internet dating sites. Regardless of the meeting, the traditional female still wants to be taken to the movies, on walks, and other outings, instead of simply giving up the Couchie! 

No Bigger Decision

These are the times when it is ignorant to stay silent, while those around you allow peer pressure and fear tactics to cloud their judgement. If I care for my neighbor, why should I not inform them that their house is on fire, after I have observed the blaze or smoke? These are dreadful times in deed, trust your judgement and let no one coerce your decision, as to how you will survive this pandemic! 

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