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The art of story telling is seldomly mastered. For those who have mastered the craft, knowing what stories to reveal becomes the next hurdle. But for some, the list of what to write about was already foretold.


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Rhoan was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he spent the first few years of his life before he relocated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to live with his mother. After completing welcoming French class, Rhoan went on to completing his schooling in Canada.
Rhoan Flowers released his first novel in the summer of 2010. His debut novel was titled "Informer/The Wars of Men" and was published with AuthorHouse Publishing. The following year the author released his second novel, "Yahweh", which he also released through AuthorHouse. The third of his books was released two years later, and was the second of his biker thriller, titled "Informer 2/The Treachery of Friends". Rhoan would follow that up with his fourth book, "The Blue Jay And The Squirrel", which was a kid's book he wrote with his twin sons. The author then released "Mama Devow/The Devil's Concubine", which was his first all Caribbean novel. The following year the author released his second kid's book, "The Volcano King", which he also coordinated with his younger sons. After the release of his second kid's book, Rhoan released the final saga in his biker trilogy, titled "Informer 3/Bloodshed Never Ends". The latest of the StreetAuthor's novel was his first western story, titled "Black Cherokee", now available through all book outlets.

In the year 2020 Rhoan severed his business dealings with AuthorHouse and have since revised several of his books. Kindly support my newest novels, available on E-book and places where books are sold.

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